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Transforming Cosmos Sport's Data Infrastructure for Data-Driven Success

Working with Cosmos Sport to modernize Data Processing while creating a single source of truth for reporting needs


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Transforming Cosmos Sport's Data Infrastructure for Data-Driven Success

Satori has partnered up with Cosmos Sport, Greece's premier Sporting Goods Retailer, and a proud member of the esteemed JD Sports group. They embarked on an award winning transformative journey with a clear vision over time, managing to transform their reporting capability from a bottleneck to a strategic asset.

Cosmos Sport recognized the need for a modern, robust, and forward-looking data infrastructure that would not only streamline reporting but also harmonize customer data across various business units. Their legacy reporting system was being seriously challenged. It was pulling data from multiple platforms and production databases, straining their infrastructure, and hampering data integrity.Change was essential to empower data-driven decision-making and enhance operational efficiency.

The Solution

Satori successfully built a robust data warehouse in Microsoft Azure within an impressive 12-week timeframe. Starting with an assessment and POV, the goal was to establish a scalable and cost-effective cloud data estate to meet present and future insights needs. The project involved seamless extraction, loading, and transformation of data from diverse sources into a unified warehouse.

In close collaboration with Cosmos Sport, Satori Analytics delivered a comprehensive and innovative solution that addressed their challenges:

  • Unified Customer Data: We tackled the heart of the issue by seamlessly integrating data from ERP, Loyalty, and Net Promoter Score sources. The result was a deduplicated, comprehensive view of customer profiles that served as the single source of truth.
  • Efficient Data Pipelines: We optimized data extraction using Synapse Pipelines and harnessed Azure Databricks for Load and Transformation. This ensured data integrity and governance, laying the foundation for reliable insights.
  • Cutting-edge Lakehouse: Satori Analytics designed a next-generation Lakehouse data estate using the progressive Medallion architecture. This architecture went beyond the limitations of traditional SQL-based data warehouses, providing scalability, agility, and enhanced analytical capabilities.
  • Collaborative Environment: Our efforts fostered a culture of collaboration at Cosmos Sport. Teams could now work seamlessly across functions, driven by data-driven insights.
The Impact

Through our collaborative efforts, we successfully deduplicated and unified customer data, paving the way for personalized strategies. Cosmos Sport now enjoys streamlined access to customer data, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency, thanks to our user-friendly self-service reporting capabilities. Furthermore, our introduction of key performance indicators for warehousing performance evaluation and access to customer characteristics data for sales measurement, has driven advanced segmentation and targeted marketing strategies.

This collaboration has enabled Cosmos Sport to become a data-driven company, fueling innovation, operational efficiency, and exceeding customer expectations, solidifying their position as an industry leader capable of adapting to changing market dynamics and ensuring sustainable success.

“The key to our success was the ability to work with one vision. Satori’s efforts and talents were a significant contribution to our entire organization in accomplishing great results considering the project risks.” Michael Miliarakis, Cosmos Sport CTO

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