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Cloud migration for FxPro

Migrating to the cloud and modernising data warehousing and reporting for this world-leading trading broker.


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Cloud migration for FxPro

FxPro successfully serves retail and institutional clients in more than 170 countries. It manages a significant volume of data daily and having a robust and scalable data estate is a key priority.

The Solution

FxPro wanted to migrate part of its data estate to the cloud and leverage the benefits of scalable, on-demand functionality. The idea was to share best practices around processing big data in the cloud, share knowledge with the internal FxPro BI team and also unearth opportunities that the new cloud-based estate would facilitate, such as anomaly detection.

Following our Proof of Value (PoV) methodology, and in collaboration with Microsoft, in just 6 weeks, we migrated part of their on-prem Data Warehouse to the cloud, connected it to modern BI and left a blueprint of how FxPro needs to continue its migration journey following best practices.

FxPro now has the ability to apply advanced analytics on its rich and ever-increasing dataset plus utilise all the benefits of a cloud estate such as pay-as-you-go, instant deployment, automation and push-button scalability.

The Impact
  • DW Modernisation in just a few weeks
  • Knowledge transfer to internal BI team
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Accelerated transition to a scalable and ML/AI-ready data estate
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