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Satori shines at ΔΕΗ Bite Awards





Satori shines at ΔΕΗ Bite Awards

Satori Analytics is named Company of the year in Software Development and wins 6 awards at ΔΕΗ Bite Awards

On a splendid evening at the prestigious Anassa City Events in Athens, the stage was set for a celebration of innovation, dedication, and excellence in the realm of business and technology. Satori Analytics, emerged as a key player at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards organized by Boussias, seizing the prestigious “Software House of the Year” award as well as six additional awards across diverse categories.

Software House of the Year

While Satori may not be defined as a software house in the strict sense, a lot of our awarded projects were direct results of our experience and proven skills on technical fields such as Software Development, Data Engineering, DEVOPs etc. We are thus able to compete with the best software houses in our niche (Data & Analytics) and deliver exceptional value. Winning the Software House of the Year award, serves as a testament to the increasing recognition of our contributions in the, continuously growing, Data and AI sector and the exceptional work our team has consistently produced throughout the year. It emphasizes our dedication to achieving technical excellence and our relentless pursuit of progress and upskilling in this ever-evolving field.

Gold Awards:

Leading the Way in Cloud Computing and Systems Consolidation

Satori secured two Gold Awards in the Cloud Computing / Services and Consolidation of Systems categories for the collaboration with Cosmos Sport. We established a modern single source of truth for reporting by seamlessly integrating data from ERP, Loyalty, and Net Promoter Score sources to create comprehensive and deduplicated customer profiles, benefiting the entire organization of Cosmos Sport.

Empowering Talent

In the Employee Technical Upskilling category, we clinched another Gold Award for our transformative work with Vodafone Greece empowering Data Analysts with Python for Enhanced Analytical Proficiency. This showcases Vodafone's Greece dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning, making them an employer of choice.

Silver Awards:

Revolutionizing Customer Experiences

We received a Silver Award in recognition of our expertise in digital transformation in the Digital Customer Experience Transformation category for our partnership with Philip Morris Bulgaria. This accomplishment highlights our capacity to enhance customer satisfaction and foster innovation across various domains.

Connecting the World

In the Telecommunications category, we seized another Silver Award for our work with Vodafone Greece with the case of Unlocking Pega's Potential: A Collaborative Journey Towards Operational Excellence. Our collaboration combines a wealth of expertise and experience, ensuring that Vodafone's workforce is adequately staffed and equipped to derive the utmost value from the Pega platform.

Bronze Award:

Bridging Tech and Retail

Last, but certainly not least, our dedication to innovation in the retail sector was rewarded with a Bronze Award for our collaboration with KORRES. This recognition highlights our proficiency in crafting personalized digital experiences for individual customers, ultimately establishing a fresh industry benchmark. This enabled KORRES to develop customized communication strategies and deliver a unified experience across all communication channels, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

This exceptional evening at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards reaffirms not only our dedication to industry transformation and pushing boundaries but also our commitment to crafting innovative solutions that challenge conventions, enhance customer relationships, and propel the domain of data-driven excellence forward.

Satori shines at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards Satori shines at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards Satori shines at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards Satori shines at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards Satori shines at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards Satori shines at the ΔΕΗ Bite Awards
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