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Reducing Scrap in Production by 50%:
A Case Study with Alumil

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Reducing Scrap in Production by 50%: A Case Study with Alumil

Alumil, a leading name in home architectural aluminium systems, with over 35 years of expertise, partnered with Satori Analytics to tackle a pressing issue – reducing scrap during the production process. Alumil faced high scrap rates due to defects, and understanding the correlation between production signals and scrap was pivotal for minimizing wastage.

The Solution

Our commitment to innovation led us to employ a strategic and comprehensive approach to address Alumil's concerns. Our collaboration delved into three key facets, each meticulously crafted to deliver actionable insights and tangible results, fostering a new era of efficiency and sustainability for Alumil.

Comprehensive Regression Model
Leveraged Microsoft Power BI to visually present complex data, offering production managers an intuitive tool for swift comprehension and informed decision-making.

Visual Insights with Power BI
Developed an in-depth model analyzing 50 variables, revealing the intricate relationship between production signals and scrap in the manufacturing process.

Efficiency-Boosting Configurations
Identified and delivered optimal configurations tailored to different extrusion IDs, strategically enhancing overall production efficiency.

The Impact

Satori Analytics' intervention produced noteworthy outcomes:

Strategic Decision Empowerment
We equipped production managers with actionable insights, enabling informed decisions to optimize machine configurations for heightened efficiency.

Significant Scrap Reduction
Our implemented measures led to a substantial drop in scrap percentages, showcasing tangible improvements in production outcomes and minimizing costs. Our models indicated that, depending on the profile SKU, scrap could be reduced by up to 50%.

Transparent Results Assurance
We provided fully explainable results, fostering trust among initially skeptical managers by offering transparent insights into the processes and outcomes achieved.

In summary, our collaboration with a high - profile company like Alumil underscores our commitment to delivering impactful solutions and refining production processes. Through advanced analytics, we effectively addressed Alumil's challenge of reducing scrap and delivered actionable insights and tangible results. This partnership not only reinforced Alumil's industry leadership but also highlighted our dedication to excellence and sustainability. Together, we demonstrated the transformative impact of data-driven decision-making on operational efficiency and overall business success.

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