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We are proud to be Gold and selected partners with the most prominent Cloud, Data, Analytics and CRM technologies.
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Category: Conferences

Key takeaways from the CX Summit 2022

By Satori Analytics | 03.03.2022

Satori Analytics CEO, Michael Georgakopoulos was invited among distinguished speakers to address the CX Summit 2022 organized by Boussias. Provocatively entitled “Data or Doom”, his presentation stressed:
• The importance of using data and analytics in order to run a successful CX strategy.
• The key challenges that prevent businesses from deploying them.

Category: Partnerships

New partnership with Pobuca

By Satori Analytics | 23.02.2022

Pobuca will employ Satori’s advanced customer analytics services both in CX and Loyalty projects, while Satori will provide Pobuca Experience Cloud to its customers. Satori Analytics proudly announces its partnership with Pobuca, an established company which offers numerous solutions in the Customer Experience (CX) field, in a synergy that aims to join forces towards a common vision of a data-driven CX.

Category: Clients

Next BIC Thing – Successful client story

By Satori Analytics | 21.12.2021

We partnered with BIC, to support them develop next generation shaving experiences and introduce to customers personalized options based on their needs. By enabling users to download and link a mobile app to an IoT-embedded shaver, the developed cloud-based IoT and Analytics ecosystem, is fed with a host of data; product and user characteristics, along with sensor data whenever the user shaves.

Category: Conferences

Key takeaways from the Data Conference 2021

By Satori Analytics | 01.10.21

Our CEO, Michael Georgakopoulos was a speaker at the Data Conference 2021 organized by BOUSSIAS and netweek on September 21st, explaining “How to maximize business value and ROI from data and analytics initiatives”.

Category: Satori

Partnership with TimeXtender

By Satori Analytics | 30.07.2021

We are announcing our latest partnership with TimeXtender! As an integrated data management platform, TimeXtender offers automated data integration, accelerated implementation of modern data estate and data warehouse automation and modernization.

Category: Awards

Satori earned new Microsoft Competencies

By Satori Analytics | 16.06.21

Satori Analytics, Microsoft Gold Partner at Data & Analytics, and strategic Data and AI partner for enterprises of all sizes in Greece and across Europe, continues its commitment for excellence in all things data.

Category: Clients

CTC - Successful
client Story

By Satori Analytics | 23.04.2021

We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Microsoft and Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc (CTC) in a joint program to support their current data estate and help them move their Data Warehousing, Reporting and BI plus all Web Apps to Microsoft Azure.

Category: Conferences

2021 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference

By Satori Analytics | 30.06.2021

Our CEO, Michael Georgakopoulos was a speaker at the 2021 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference, discussing "Bringing Consumers Directly Into The Innovation And Research & Development Process". He explained how a simple razor could really be an innovative product and how sensors and neural networks can be combined to create completely new digitalized product enhancements.

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