Create data-driven marketing and maximise your ROI

We estimate the impact of your marketing mix on sales and help you create the optimal marketing strategy.


“A marketing executive is a mixer of ingredients, who sometimes follows a recipe as he goes along, sometimes adapts a recipe to the ingredients immediately available, and sometimes experiments with or invents ingredients no one else has tried."

Neil Borden, Founder of the MMM term, 1948

Today’s marketing executives not only do they have to be ‘chefs’, they also have to be statisticians, big data analysts, as tech savvy as it gets and this, in a constantly changing world with ever changing marketing channels.
Our MMM solutions take a lot of the pain away. Using simulation and optimisation techniques we help you realise a sales uplift without increasing your budget. And what’s best is that you don’t have to be a wizard to understand our analysis or use our solutions, just a marketing executive will do.


MMM - Across Digital Channels

We tackle the challenge of sales or conversion attribution over different digital marketing channels (SEO, Social, Display, YouTube, Referral, Email, Search, etc.) in order to optimize your online marketing budget and maximise conversions and other key performance indicators.
Our fusion of analytical techniques have been developed alongside and tested by experienced marketing and web analysts, offering targeted solutions and actionable analysis, based on data that are readily available, and really close to the needs of any executive managing a digital marketing budget.
Our simulation techniques also allow you to be a bit of a wizard, enabling you to experiment with different budget allocations, taking into account different market conditions and competitor actions, putting the robustness and success of your marketing strategy to the test before committing to it.

We deliver value by helping you to:

  • Integrate data across all digital marketing channels and readily adapt your marketing strategy to changing market conditions
  • Identify which online campaigns and marketing channels are the most effective (low investment ⇨ high share impact) and the ROI of each
  • Experiment with different amounts of budget and simulate their impact on conversions
  • Create the optimum marketing mix across all digital channels
  • Stop investing on low ROI campaigns
  • Simulate how robust your marketing mix is against different competitor campaigns


MMM - Online to Store & Online vs Offline

It’s very difficult to identify which marketing channels drive offline sales, especially when you manage budgets across different mediums such as digital media, TV, radio, print etc.
Building on our deep knowledge of marketing across digital channels, we‘ve developed attribution models, helping you quantify the offline impact (revenue/brand value/butts in seats/phone calls/physical store visits etc.) driven by multiple marketing and advertising channels. Our analysis enables you to identify the optimum amount to invest in each channel and uncover lost sales and missed opportunities.
We deliver value by helping you to:

  • Identify marketing media ROI on physical store sales
  • Explore the key marketing drivers to purchase, and quantify the effect and efficiency of each
  • Create the optimum mix between digital media and offline marketing activities
  • Experiment with different budgets or budget allocations and simulate their impact on sales




Move from brand-centric to customer-driven strategies

We help you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and for the right price.


Customer Segmentation / Classification

You don’t sell a discounted supersized burger to a vegetarian or baby nappies to a committed bachelor. Marketing, communication and advertising campaigns assuming that one size fits all are obsolete. Customers have different needs and behave differently. Reaching the right audience is critical. Content, timing and price are mostly irrelevant if they are delivered to the wrong audience.

Using advanced statistical modelling techniques we segment your customer base into distinct groups with common characteristics to help you gain a deeper understanding of the profile of each segment, as well as to bring to light the significant similarities and differences between the behavior and demographics of each segment.
This grouping is then used to adapt your business strategy to your current customer needs as well as adjust your marketing campaigns to deliver relevant messages to existing or potential customers.
We deliver value by helping you to:

  • Identify your customer segments and how they behave
  • Create the most effective communication paradigm for each customer segment
  • Minimise customer churn
  • Design new targeted products, services and promotions
  • Identify the right price for the right segment


Customer Lifetime Value

In the same way you don’t offer a burger to a vegetarian, you similarly don’t offer a massive discount or go the extra mile for a customer who has slim or zero chances of buying again from you.
Our customer segmentation analysis allows you to identify your most profitable customer segments throughout the customer lifecycle; from first purchase, to repeat or cross-sell and long term retention. That knowledge is then used to focus your business resources to the clients that matter most, leading to a significant increase in future revenues.
We can help you:

  • Predict your CLV and identify its major drivers
  • Identify your most profitable customer segments
  • Increase your CLV using your marketing and advertising resources more effectively
  • Maximise your sales and marketing ROI




Don’t settle for any ROI, build the optimum promotion strategy

We analyse all the elements of your promotion strategy - from price discounts, features and displays, coupons, online offers and special packages, ATL campaigns etc., and identify and optimise their impact on sales, profit and promotion ROI.


We enable you to simulate alternative promotion scenarios and compare their outcome in order to help you build the best promotion mix to achieve your goals. Our approach goes well beyond traditional statistical techniques which usually only forecast the immediate sales impact. We build predictive mathematical models, allowing you to foresee the longer term impact of your promotion mix, how promotions interact between them, including portfolio cannibalisation, as well as with competitive promotions. The pricing corridor (your price against competitor prices) and the long spanning synergic impact of Above The Line campaigns is also taken into consideration to give you a holistic view of your pricing, promotion and advertising campaigns.
Understanding the impact of your promotions is only but the first step. Our optimisation module goes the extra step proposing you the optimum promotion mix, maximising your future sales and ROI.
We deliver value by helping you to:


  • Identify which promotions are the most effective (low consumer investment ⇨ high share impact) and the ROI of each
  • Experiment with different amounts of consumer budget and simulate their impact on value and volume share
  • Create the optimum promotion and ATL mix maximising ROI
  • Minimise portfolio and future revenue cannibalisation
  • Simulate how robust your promotion plan is against different competitor promotions or changes in the overall market
  • Apply our solutions across different Brands, Categories and Markets, creating an integrated optimum promotion strategy




We are strong believers in providing sustainable solutions that can be used by our clients time and time again and always strive to innovate and create automated software solutions.


Very often analysis and reporting need to be performed on a regular basis when new and more up to date data is produced. In such cases, the required data analysis techniques would be more useful in the form of automated software tools, as opposed to one-off pieces of analysis.

Our latest such endeavour is a statistical tool, developed by our software engineering and data scientist team for a leading marketing agency. Our tool helps web analysts to manage their numerous Google AdWords accounts by analysing AdWords data in a web interface receiving an automated data feed. A day to day tool, easy to maintain and use, saving lots of time and even more misallocated budget.
Drop us a line to learn more about our bespoke tools and find out how we can help you.





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